Public Sculpture of Britain

Editorial Board:
Ian Leith, English Heritage
Alison Welsby, Liverpool University Press
Alison Yarrington, University of Hull
Ray McKenzie, Glasgow School of Art
Philip Ward-Jackson, Public Monuments and Sculpture Association
Margaret Garlake, Public Monuments and Sculpture Association

The highly acclaimed Public Sculpture of Britain series has been developed jointly by LUP and the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association from the PMSA's National Recording Project, which aims to provide a survey of all public sculpture nationwide from the classic to the contemporary. Sixteen volumes have been published so far on Liverpool; Birmingham; North-East England; Leicestershire & Rutland; Glasgow; Warwickshire; The City of London; South London; Greater Manchester; Staffordshire; Bristol; Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire; Outer and South London; Historic Westminster; Cheshire and Merseyside; and Norfolk and Suffolk. Many further titles are in preparation.

LUP also publishes Sculpture Journal, Britain's foremost scholarly journal devoted to sculpture in all its aspects, on behalf of the PMSA.

Commissioning Editor: Alison Welsby

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