The Herculaneum Pottery

Liverpool's Forgotten Glory

Peter Hyland

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ISBN: 9780853239796

Publication: November 1, 2005

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The emergence of Herculaneum pottery in early nineteenth-century Liverpool marked a pivotal moment in the clay arts. This book provides a comprehensive history of Herculaneum pottery—still highly sought after in North America—and its rapid rise to international prominence. Renowned Liverpool porcelain collector Peter Hyland examines the pottery’s relatively brief heyday from about 1800 to 1820, when the company surpassed all other potteries in Britain. He then redefines its niche within the wider context of the established Liverpool pottery tradition, which dates back to 1700. Liverpool’s earthenware and porcelain were exported around the world, and Hyland investigates records to reveal the surprising extent to which the United States and Canada relied on Herculaneum for their fine wares. Ultimately, he considers why the pottery factory failed, showing how competition from elsewhere led to the factory’s eventual closure in 1840. Building on the seminal work of Alan Smith, Peter Hyland’s completely rewritten study draws on new scholarly research and recent excavations to reveal the extensive range of wares and decorations made at the Herculaneum factory. This new edition is illustrated with a wealth of full-colour images and will stand as the definitive text on Herculaneum Pottery.

Peter Hyland is well known as a collector of Liverpool porcelain and one of the most important authorities on Liverpool’s Herculaneum wares.

Acknowledgements Foreword Introduction 1 Plotting Liverpool 2 The Founding of Herculaneum 3 The Workforce 4 Early Management 1796 to 1806 5 Earthenwares and Stonewares 1796 to 1810 6 Porcelains 1800 to 1810 7 The New Herculaneum Pottery Company 1806 8 Growth and Prosperity 1806 to 1821 9 Wares 1810 to 1821 10 Overseas and Coastal Trade 11 The 1821 Crisis 12 Steady Decline 1822 to 1833 13 Wares 1822 to 1833 14 Renaissance 1833 to 1836 15 Wares 1933 to 1836 16 Final Years 1836 to 1840 17 Why did the Herculaneum Pottery Close? Appendix A: Herculaneum Factory Marks Appendix B: Problem Pieces Appendix C: A Visit to Herculaneum Appendix D: List of Workmen Appendix E: Extracts from the Tomkinson Papers Index

Well illustrated and comprehensive, Hyland offers a definitive account that challenges the supremacy of Stoke.
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Format: Paperback

Size: 246 x 189 mm

288 Pages

ISBN: 9780853239796

Publication: November 1, 2005

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