Plato: Apology

M. C. Stokes

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ISBN: 9780856683725

Publication: January 1, 1997

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Plato's Apology (Defence) of Socrates is a masterpiece of ancient rhetoric which philosophically illustrates in practice and illuminates in principle Plato's version of Socrates' dialectical method. This edition aims not merely to present and combine valuable recent research but to develop it further. The editor is more sceptical than some recent writers of the historical accuracy of Plato's version of Socrates' defence, and offers an account of the Apology as a work of Plato's own art. Greek text with facing-page translation, commentary and introduction.

Preface Introduction I Bibliograpical outlines II Relative dating of early treatments of Socrates' trial III Sources for Socrates in general IV Socrates' damnation or 'divine sign' V The trial of Socrates a) The charge: b) The prosecutors: c) The procedures VI Some issues in 'Socratic Philosophy a) General: b) Wisdom, knowledge & ignorance: c) Good and Bad: d) Death: e) A discrepancy with the Crito VII The text of this edition References to Plato Greek text and translation Commentary Index

Format: Paperback

Size: 210 x 149 mm

208 Pages

ISBN: 9780856683725

Publication: January 1, 1997

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