Ovid: Metamorphoses XIII-XV (plus indexes to all volumes)

D. E. Hill

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ISBN: 9780856687334

Publication: January 1, 2000

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This volume completes this distinguished edition of Metamorphoses . This volume completes Donald Hills distinguished edition to the Metamorphoses. Of the pevious volume it was said: It is all we could hope for, with excellent translation, fuller understanding from the notes and an extensive bibliography. The text is attractively and conveniently laid out, with Latin and translation en face. The translation is in blank verse for the English reader while being stimulating and thought-provoking for the Latinist. The notes too make interesting reading at any level, with a vast store of information from a multitude of sources." ^ILACT^/I

Preface Introduction Text and translation: Book XIII-Book XV Commentary Notes on book XIII-Book XV Indexes to all volumes Proper names Topics and Latin words

Format: Paperback

Size: 210 x 149 mm

256 Pages

ISBN: 9780856687334

Publication: January 1, 2000

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