Hull Limited Edition

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From its earliest origins to the twenty-first-century present, Hull is a city that has been continually shaped by flows of people, commodities, ideas and trade. The result is a distinctive city with a longstanding, varied, proud and often remarkable history. Hull: Culture, History, Place is a celebration of this unique city's past and present. Telling the story of Hull from the earliest settlement on the muddy banks of the river, through civil war rebellion, maritime success and the trauma of World War II to post war resilience and recovery, this book shows how and why Hull has been a place of importance, significance and success throughout its history. The eleven chapters, twenty-five enlightening boxed entries and over 200 illustrations bring the city's history to light and life, exploring the people, places, trade, industry, ideas, creativity and vision that have formed the lived experience of this city for over eight hundred years.

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