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Posted on September 02, 2015 by Heather Gallagher

Congratulate yourself; you’re getting the hang of this. But if it is still your first #FreeReadFriday download, don’t panic… we’ve crafted some instructions for you below.


September has gifted us with Jane Hiddleston’s Assia Djebar: Out of Algeria.

For 24 hours this Friday, you can download the ebook version of this title free of charge.


For more than fifty years, Assia Djebar, former Silver Chair of French at New York University and winner of the Neustadt Prize for Contribution to World Literature, used the tools of poetry, fiction, drama and film to vividly portray the world of Muslim women in all its complexity. In the process, she became one of the most important figures in North African literature. In Assia Djebar, Jane Hiddleston traces Djebar’s development as a writer against the backdrop of North Africa’s tumultuous history. Whereas Djebar’s early writings were largely an attempt to delineate clearly the experience of being a woman, an intellectual, and an Algerian embedded in that often violent history, she had in her more recent work evinced a growing sense that the influence of French culture on Algerian letters may make such a project impossible. The first book-length study of this significant writer, Assia Djebar will be of tremendous interest to anyone studying post-colonial literature, women’s studies or Francophone culture in general. 

‘…an impressive overview of the literary output of one of Algeria's most prolific writers. This study constitutes an indispensable resource for scholars and students alike with an interest in Djebar or, indeed, Algerian postcolonial literature generally.’ -- MLR, 103.1

‘The excellence of Hiddleston's research and writing bears testimony to a fine intelligence that promises an answer to come.’ -- International Journal of Francophone Studies, Volume 11, Numbers 1 & 2

‘Performing an original and productive cross-fertilization between postcolonial (and, on occasion, Islamic) thought, and French theories of subjectivity, Hiddleston comprehensively treats the formidable body of Djebar's work...very important contribution to scholarship on Francophone literature.' -- Francophone Postcolonial Studies, 5.2


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How to download Assia Djebar: Out of Algeria by Jane Hiddleston:

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  12. Enjoy! 



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