Town Planning Review 87.5: Special Issue and Featured Article

Posted on September 27, 2016 by Chloe Johnson

The latest issue of Town Planning Review is a Special Issue titled 'Planning the Gendered City'. It features papers on women and transport, 'mainstreaming' gender in the city, and future gendered urban agendas. You can find the full issue here.

The editors of TPR have selected 'Taking women’s bodily functions into account in urban planning and policy: public toilets and menstruation' by Clara Greed as the Featured Article for the special issue. It will be free to access for three months and is available here.

When asked to describe the paper, and highlight its importance, Clare Greed stated the following:

"Although UK town planners attest that ‘planning is for people’, I have always thought it very odd that town planners seem to give very little attention to bodily functions,  and the physical aspects of human existence. This is particularly so in the overall marginalisation of women’s needs in the city, in terms of childcare, menstruation and pregnancy. Having written and researched extensively on ‘gender and cities’ over the years, and having belonged to various ‘women and planning’ campaign groups, I soon found that, in spite of all our conferences, research, and publications, all our ideas, solutions and policy suggestions made very little impact on mainstream (malestream) urban planning policy. Therefore I decided to concentrate more on one specific aspect of the problems women encounter in the city of man, namely lack of public toilets, and try to change things by getting into those UK government committees which determine toilet provision standards. My decision ‘to do toilets’ has generated far more interest and notoriety than my many years concentrating on mainstream town planning issues and academic research. But ‘all human life’ is here, toilets are relevant to all aspects of human existence, including gender, sexuality, accessibility, environment, sustainability, health and so much more."

Clara has written a full complimentary piece to her article. You can read it in full here.

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