Town Planning Review 87.6: Featured Article

Posted on November 21, 2016 by Megan Ainsworth

The editors of TPR have selected 'UK city regions: policies, performance and prospects' by Michael Parkinson as the Featured Article for the latest issue. It will be free to access for three months. You can access the article here.

When asked to describe the paper, and highlight its importance, Michael Parkinson stated the following:

"We live in interesting if challenging times. The future of the British economy, its people and places is finely balanced. Siren voices focus on the risks ahead. Others focus on the achievements made, despite the difficulties of the recent years. The debate is not settled. The facts and the theories are still emerging. However, one thing is certain. The economic future of the UK is intimately tied up with the prospects and futures of its leading city regions. If they don’t work, the economy won’t work and we won't work. The Brexit decision has made the issues more not less important. The UK is engaged in a crucial policy debate about city regions, their governance and economic performance. This article identifies some key evidence about about the performance, policies and prospects of UK cities in a comparative context, based upon a range studies I have undertaken during the past three decades."

Read Michael's full complimentary piece here.

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