Town Planning Review 89.1 Featured Article

Posted on January 18, 2018 by Megan Ainsworth

The editors of Town Planning Review have selected 'Greater Paris and Its Lessons for Metropolitan Strategic Planning' by Xavier Desjardins as the Featured Article for the latest issue.

It will be free to access for a limited time. You can access the article here.

When asked to describe the paper, and highlight its importance, the author stated the following:

When you follow city planning news, day after day you may feel that there are so many conflicts, so many delays, and so many problems that is there is no strategic vision. It's the case in Paris, like everywhere in the world.

But, in 2015, I realized, while talking with some colleagues that something new was happening in Paris. The completion of 200 kilometers of new metro lines became credible, not totally, of course, but for the main lines. Many urban projects are emerging around future metro stations. My questions were, at first, very simple. Is there really something like a strategic metropolitan plan for Paris, as important as the one launched in the 1960's under the presidency of De Gaulle with the new towns and a regional railway network? And, how is it possible to understand such a new strategic plan, in a period where the power of the state is supposed to have diminished, because of the decentralization and the liberalization of many public utilities? How can a productive coordination of stakeholders emerge?

To explain the progressive construction of an agreement on a strategic spatial vision of the metropolitan development, you have to also analyze the problems left under the rug ... and they are not small.

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