A New History of the Isle of Man, Vol. 3

BookA New History of the Isle of Man, Vol. 3

A New History of the Isle of Man, Vol. 3

The Medieval Period, 1000-1406

New History of the Isle of Man, 3


September 29th, 2015





The reassessment of the medieval legacy of Man highlights the island's position as a cockpit of English, Scottish, Irish and Norwegian power-politics, exploring the multi-cultural traditions of Man, and reassessing the role it was to play throughout the medieval period as a focal point in a complex nexus of inter-relationships (linguistic, economic, ecclesiastical, political, military and so forth) which linked the various peoples of the British Isles and Scandinavia. By bringing together the fruits of the labours of several scholars of international repute, some of whom are resident on the island, the comprehensive analysis provided in this volume marks a significant advance in the current level of understanding Manx history in the Middle Ages, forming a body of knowledge that will be of benefit both to Manx people and to the wider readership beyond its shores. Because of the specific requirements of documentary research in the medieval period, most of the work has been carried out by authorities in the field as an extension of their existing interests.

Author Information

Sean Duffy is Associate Professor, Department of History, Trinity College, Dublin. Harold Mytum is Professor of Archaeology and Director, Centre for Manx Studies, University of Liverpool.

Table of Contents

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Introduction – Setting the Scene: Man at the turn of the millennium - David M. Wilson
1 Man and the Irish Sea World in the eleventh century - Seán Duffy
2 The Isle of Man and the kings of Norway: Magnús Barelegs and after - Rosemary Power
3 Man, Somerled, and the Isles: the rise of a new dynasty, c. 1100–64 58 - R. Andrew McDonald
4 The reigns of Guðröðr and Rögnvaldr, 1153–1229 - Ruth Costain-Russell
5 The last kings of Man, 1229–1265 97 - Edward J. Cowan
6 The Isle of Man under Scottish Rule, 1266–1333 - Colm McNamee
7 Man under the Montacutes, 1333–92 - W.M. Ormrod
8 English rule confirmed: the Isle of Man 1389–1406 - Michael J. Bennett
9 The Isle of Man in a European context - Benjamin T. Hudson
10 Man in the Norse world - Barbara E. Crawford
11 Language in Man: prehistory to literacy - R.L. Thomson
12 The Manx place-name evidence - Gillian Fellows-Jensen
13 The Isle of Man in medieval Gaelic literature - Charles W. MacQuarrie
14 The Chronicles of the Kings of Man and the Isles - Bernadette Williams
15 The early history of the diocese of Sodor - Alex Woolf
16 Medieval monasticism and the Isle of Man c. 1130–1540 - P.J. Davey
17 Economy and trade in medieval Man - David Ditchburn and Benjamin Hudson
18 Coinage - Kristin Bornholdt Collins
19 The system of land division and assessment - Gareth Williams
20 Medieval archaeology and architecture - P.J. Davey and A.C.C. Johnson
Conclusion – Man’s medieval legacy - Tim Thornton
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