Breeding Superman

BookBreeding Superman

Breeding Superman

Nietzsche, Race and Eugenics in Edwardian and Interwar Britain

Studies in Social and Political Thought, 6


February 1st, 2002

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Before the First World War there existed an intellectual turmoil in Britain as great as any in Germany, France or Russia, as the debates over Nietzsche and eugenics in the context of early modernism reveal. With the rise of fascism after 1918, these debates became more ideologically driven, with science and vitalist philosophy being hailed in some quarters as saviours from bourgeois decadence, vituperated in others as heralding the onset of barbarism. Breeding Superman looks at several of the leading Nietzscheans and eugenicists, and challenges the long-cherished belief that British intellectuals were fundamentally uninterested in race. The result is a study of radical ideas which are conventionally written out of histories of the politics and culture of the period.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page3
Introduction: The Extremes of Englishness11
1: Oscar Levy: A Nietzschean Vision22
2: Anthony Mario Ludovici: A ‘Light-Weight Superman’43
3: Nietzsche and Eugenics72
4: Race and Eugenics104
5: The ‘Lethal Chamber’ in Eugenic Thought125
6: From ‘Underman’ to ‘Underclass’145