Business History in Latin America

BookBusiness History in Latin America

Business History in Latin America

The Experience of Seven Countries

Liverpool Latin American Studies, 1


March 1st, 1999

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A new edition of a book first published in Bogotá, this English edition is a crucial addition to the literature on Latin American business history for a wider English-speaking audience, and it will be of interest to business and economic historians generally. Essays are included by leading economic historians of Latin America from the UK and from other countries. Each contributor has managed to relate the business history of a selected country to the main trends in its economic development.

This book provides a usefully succinct summary of the state of writing about business history in the larger countries of Latin America. [...] It is a useful tool and a stimulus to a vast agenda of further work. As Luis Ortega puts it 'there is a whole history yet to be written.'

Journal of Latin American Studies

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page3
Notes on Contributors9
1: Business History in Latin America: an introduction15
2: Business History in Argentina31
3: Business History in Brazil from the mid-nineteenth century to 194557
4: Business History in Chile 1850-194574
5: Business History in Colombia97
6: Regional Studies and Business History in Mexico since 1975130
7: Business History in Peru142
8: Economic and Business History in Venezuela172