The Story of Liverpool in a Pint


December 1st, 2008





The story of Cain’s, like the story of Liverpool, is one of passion, ambition, and graft. It takes in immigration, global trade, terrible poverty, and vast wealth. In just two generations the Cain family went from the slums of Irish Liverpool to a seat in the House of Lords. As the city grew so did the brewery and as it struggled, so Cain’s fought for survival. At the height of Liverpool’s fortunes Robert Cain owned 200 public houses across Merseyside, including the world famous Philharmonic Dining Rooms -’The Phil’ - which he built. City and brewery have shared the highs and lows of recent Liverpool history and the remarkable revival of Cain’s by another immigrant family, the Dusanjs, in the twenty-first century is matched by the city’s own recovery and reinvention. Here then, is the story of Liverpool in a pint.

Cains Brewery and its beers are woven into the history and culture of Liverpool.

Peter Blake

A fascinating and exhilarating story of a great Liverpool institution still brewing great beer. Beer lovers will delight in the book.

Roger Protz, Good Beer Guide

Good Beer Guide

The price of fame is not being able to go to the Phil for a quiet pint.

John Lennon

Quentin Tarantino

Table of Contents

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Preface: Liverpool in a Pint
An Immigrant Story
Citizen Cain
Superior Ales and Stouts
King of the Toxteths
The Gilded Age
A City at War
The Higson's Years
Boom and Bust
Full Circle