Catholicism, Politics and Society in Twentieth-Century France

BookCatholicism, Politics and Society in Twentieth-Century France

Catholicism, Politics and Society in Twentieth-Century France


September 1st, 2000

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Catholicism, once the protean monster, still functions as a complex component of French identity. No consideration of modern France would be complete without reference to the enduring impact and influence of Catholicism on the life of the nation. This volume sets out to capture some of the variety and significance of the Catholic phenomenon in twentieth-century secular France, and to express something of its extraordinary vitality and interest. Each contribution focuses on a specific theme or period crucial to an understanding of the role played by French Catholics and their Church. Collectively, these studies reveal that Catholics were involved in almost every event of consequence and voiced an opinion on almost every issue. Equally, the volume offers a collage of insights which reflects the fragmentation of Catholic activity and attitudes as the century progressed. Being Catholic in modern France no longer means the espousal of a particular political or social agenda. Nor does it necessarily mean regular and traditional religious observance, or even strict adherence to the dictates of the Church. Modern French Catholicism truly has many mansions.

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Kay Chadwick is Lecturer in French at the University of Liverpool.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page3
Editor’s preface7
Notes on contributors8
1: La laïcité en France au vingtième siècle32
2: Antisémitisme des catholiques au vingtième siècle: de la revendication au refus40
3: Catholicism and Nationalism The Fédération républicaine, 1927-3961
4: True and false modernity: Catholicism and Communist Marxism in 1930s France87
5: Ralliés and résistants: Catholics in Vichy France, 1940-44111
6: Les formes politiques de la démocratie chrétienne en France au vingtième siècle133
7: Catholicism and the Left in twentieth-century France156
8: Accueillir l’étranger: immigration, integration and the French Catholic Church189
9: Yeast in the dough? Catholic schooling in France, 1981-95211
10: Les femmes catholiques: Entre Église et société233
11: La sociologie religieuse du catholicisme français au vingtième siècle258
12: Secularisation and the (re)formulation of French Catholic identity274
Select bibliography294