Coastal Dune Management

BookCoastal Dune Management

Coastal Dune Management

Shared Experience of European Conservation Practice


March 1st, 2001





From the Middle Ages to the present day legal instruments and management practices have been employed to control sand movement, build sand dykes and find uses for the ‘wastelands’. The high natural values of dunes were largely ignored. In recent years a new European view has emerged, an approach that respects the value of dune systems to society as natural sea defences, wildlife refuges and recreational areas. This volume addresses the key issues for coastal dune conservation in the early twenty-first century based on the shared experience of practical dune management in northwest Europe.

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Preface S. E. Edmondson
Keynote Paper
Coastal dunes: resultant dynamic position as a conservational managerial objective
William Richie
Section 1 Working with Geomorphological Processes
Section 2 Nature Management
Section 3 People and Dunes
Section 4 The Sefton Coast Life Project
Section 5 International and National Priorities: Strategy and Implementation
Section 6 Monitoring: Methods and Applications