Crisis, Credibility and Corporate History

BookCrisis, Credibility and Corporate History

Crisis, Credibility and Corporate History

ICA Studies, 1


October 29th, 2014





Crisis, Credibility and Corporate History aims to describe current expectations and strategies held within companies, within academia and amongst the general public for using a company’s history for communication and marketing purposes. Ranging widely across case studies from major international businesses such as IBM, Maersk and Roche, this timely volume includes contributions from marketing specialists, corporate archivists and scholars. The book is the first in a new series in partnership with the International Council on Archives, an international organisation with membership in around 200 countries. For over sixty years the Council has united archival institutions and practitioners across the globe to advocate for good archival management and to encourage dialogue, exchange, and transmission of this knowledge and expertise across national borders. Essential reading for business historians, archivists and marketing professionals, Crisis, Credibility and Corporate History presents a clear picture of what writing “corporate history” today involves.

List of contributors: David A. Leitch, Secretary General of the ICA Jonathan Steffen, Managing Director Jonathan Steffen Ltd Professor Clemens Wischermann, University of Constance Henning Morgen, Head Historical Archives A.P. Møller-Maersk Dr. Lionel Loew, The Roche Historical Collection and Archives Dr. Thilo Jungkind, University of Constance Professor Birgitte Possing, Danish National Archives Professor Joachim Scholtyseck, Bonn University Dr. Karl-Peter Ellerbrock, Stiftung Westphälisches Wirtschaftsarchiv Dr. Thomas Inglin, Head Historical Archives Zurich Group Holdings Alexander L. Bieri, Curator The Roche Historical Collection and Archive Paul Lasewicz, IBM Inc. Yuko Matsuzaki, Shibusawa Eiichi Foundation

Author Information

Alexander Bieri is Curator of The Roche Historical Collection and Archive.