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Essays in Maritime Business History in Honour of Professor Peter Neville Davies

Research in Maritime History, 2


October 18th, 2017

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This volume is dedicated to Maritime Business History, by means of commemorating the career of Professor Peter Neville Davies, a prominent member of the Economic and Social History department of the University of Liverpool (a career spanning the dates 1964-1992). The volume is divided into four sections. The first is a tribute and appreciation of Professor Davies, which also acts as an introduction to his work for unfamiliar readers. The second section focuses on business aspects of British maritime history, with particular attention to the impact of British shipping overseas, and the rise and decline of shipbuilding industries. The third section is specific to Liverpool and Merseyside, and explores the local maritime history of the area, including trade with the Mediterranean, local shipbuilding, the Mersey port system, and nautical archaeology. The final section explores subjects within international maritime history, particularly within Norway and America. All essays and topics covered aim to collectively and significantly develop the field of maritime business history, and all are directly related to Professor Davies’ academic interests, as a means of celebrating Professor Davies own accomplishments during his career. The journal concludes with a comprehensive bibliography of Professor Davies’ work.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page2
About the Author3
About the Editor6
General Introduction10
"Peter Neville Davies: A Tribute"16
"Peter Neville Davies: An Appreciation"20
"Do Docks Make Trade?: The Case of the Port of Great Grimsby"32
"The "Scrubby Scotch Screw Company": British India Steam Navigation Co.'s Coastal Services in South Asia, 1862- 1870"58
"Bureaucrats, Businessmen and Bananas: The Colonial Office and Shipping Services in the West Indies, 1895- 1925"88
"Shipbuilding at Belfast: Workman, Clark and Company, 1880-1935"112
"Marketing Opportunities and Marketing Practices; The Eclipse of British Shipbuilding, 1957-1976"140
"Liverpool Shipowners, the Mediterranean, and the Transition from Sail to Steam During the Mid-Nineteenth Century"168
"Bigots or Patriots? The Political and Religious Allegiances of the Liverpool Ships' Carpenters, 1815-1851"218
"Alfred Jones: Integration and Adversity in Liverpool"260
"The Mary and the Lady Lansdowne"282
"Merchants from Sail to Steam: The West Australian Shipping Association and the Evolution of the Conference System, 1884-1910"288
"The Making of a Maritime Firm: The Rise of Fearnley and Eger, 1859-1917"318
"Entrepreneurship and Risk-Taking in the Norwegian Shipping Industry in the Early Part of the Twentieth Century: The Case of Lauritz Kloster, Stavanger"338
"The Harriman-Hamburg-American Line Agreement of June 1920: The Foremost German Shipping Company's Return to the Seas"364
"Peter Neville Davies: A Bibliography"398