Global America?

BookGlobal America?

Global America?

The Cultural Consequences of Globalization

Studies in Social and Political Thought, 8


March 1st, 2004

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Many contemporary issues cannot be readily or fully understood at the level of the nation state and the concept of globalization is used to develop understanding through the analysis of global (transnational) processes. This volume explores the phenomenon of Americanization, and its worldwide impact, and the cultural consequences of globalization.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page3
List of Contributors7
Part I: Theoretical Perspectives25
1: Rooted Cosmopolitanism: Emerging from a Rivalry of Distinctions27
2: Assessing McDonaldization, Americanization and Globalization42
3: Culture, Modernity and Immediacy61
Part II: National Case Studies77
4: Hyperpower Exceptionalism: Globalization the American Way79
5: Debating Americanization: The Case of France107
6: Consumption, Modernity and Japanese Cultural Identity: The Limits of Americanization?126
7: Americanization, Westernization, Sinification: Modernization or Globalization in China?146
Part III: Transitional Processes163
8: Techno-Migrants in the Network Economy165
9: The Americanization of Memory: The Case of the Holocaust186
10: From the Lisbon Disaster to Oprah Winfrey: Suffering as Identity in the Era of Globalization201
11: Global Media, Cultural Change and the Transformation of the Local: The Contribution of Cultural Studies to a Sociology of Hybrid Formations218
12: ‘Rockization’: Diversity within Similarity in World Popular Music234
13: The Internet: An Instrument of Americanization?247
Par IV: Epilogue267
Afterword: Rethinking Americanization269