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September 30th, 2011



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This study examines the whole of Frame’s output starting with the fiction (novels, short-stories and poems) before focusing on the two autobiographical novels, Owls do Cry and Faces in the Water, to end with the autobiographical trilogy, a sort of restorative prism inviting us to (re) read all her preceding works. It is the autobiography and its film version, An Angel at my Table, that won her international fame. Frame’s life is extraordinary, not only because she was spared a lobotomy by winning a prize for her collection of short stories, but also because writing from the ‘rim of the farthest circle’, she provides food for thought for anyone interested in postcolonial and gender studies.


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Claire Bazin is a Professor of English & Commonwealth Literature at the University of Nanterre University, France. As well as Janet Frame , she has written widely on 19th century literature generally and published studies in France on Jane Eyre and the Bronte sisters.