Mrs Brown is a Man and a Brother

BookMrs Brown is a Man and a Brother

Mrs Brown is a Man and a Brother

Women in Merseyside’s Political Organisations 1890-1920


April 1st, 2004

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This book offers the first detailed regional study of women’s politics in the United Kingdom in the period before the First World War. Its purpose is to investigate how women’s politics functioned at the grass roots, away from the schisms and personality clashes of the national political scene. The book investigates the membership, activities and campaigning methodologies of a variety of formal political organisations ranging from branches of national auxiliary bodies such as the Women’s Liberal Federation through women’s involvement in local branches of the Independent Labour Party and on to the autonomous suffrage organisations. The impact of the all-female suffrage campaigns on older political groups in which women still competed with men for positions and policies is also considered. The book extends into the First World War, and investigates the new alliance that were formed when earlier societies contracted or closed

Author Information

Krista Cowman is Professor of History at the University of Lincoln.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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1: Introduction to Merseyside23
2: ‘The workwomen of Liverpool are sadly in need of reform’: Women in Trade Unions, 1890-191430
3: Early Party Activity, 1890–190550
4: The Liverpool Women’s Suffrage Society75
5: ‘A real live organisation’: The Liverpool Women’s Social and Political Union, 1905-1487
6: Other Suffrage Organisations107
7: Later Party Political Activity, 1905–14131
8: The War149
9: Conclusion – The Erasure of a Way of Life?174