Offshore Island Politics

BookOffshore Island Politics

Offshore Island Politics

The Constitutional and Political Development of the Isle of Man in the Twentieth Century

Centre for Manx Studies Monographs, 3


October 1st, 2001

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Offshore Island Politics is a fascinating study of the constitutional and political development of the Isle of Man. The book analyses three broad aspects of twentieth-century political development: constitutional progress towards self-government, elections and public policy and the changing role of the state in Manx society. One of the most important political changes the study addresses is the gradual ascendancy of the directly elected House of Keys in Manx politics. Offshore Island Politics concludes with a look at the final two decades of the century, a period of population growth and unprecedented prosperity for the small offshore island.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page3
Note on Sources15
1: Introduction17
Offshore Island Politics17
Major Themes and Periods24
2: Nineteenth-Century Background29
The Myth of Home Rule 1866–190229
An Unrepresentative Tynwald37
The Foundations of a Welfare State42
Government Support for the Manx Economy46
Manx Finances at the Turn of the Century49
3: The Raglan Era 1902–1955
Constitutional Conflict55
The Elections of 1903, 1908 and 191373
The Absence of Social Reform80
The Protection and Promotion of Manx Economic Interests86
Manx Finances 1900–1991
4: The Interwar Years 1919-3997
Limited Constitutional Progress101
The Four Interwar Elections111
Social Policy: Reform and Consolidation122
The Changing Role of the State in the Manx Economy134
Manx Finances 1919–39140
5: War, Socialism and Devolution 1939-58149
The Devolution of Power152
The Elections of 1946, 1951 and 1956161
The Welfare Revolution172
Radical Change in the Economic Role of the State182
Manx Finances 1939–58189
6: Towards Island Self-Government 1958-81197
The Confirmation of Special Status200
Towards Representative and Responsible Government210
7: Devolution and Public Policy 1958-81233
The Elections of 1962, 1966, 1971 and 1976233
Expansion of the Welfare State247
Increased State Intervention and Support for the Economy255
Manx Finances 1958–81271
8: The Advent of Ministerial Government 1981-2000279
Devolution in an International Context282
Towards a More Democratic Tynwald?294
The Transition to Ministerial Government298
Executive Power and Political Accountability305
9: Towards a Prosperous and Caring Society 1981-2000325
The Elections of 1981, 1986, 1991 and 1996325
A Caring Society: the Persistence of the Welfare State343
Public Investment for a Prosperous Society360
Manx Finances 1981–2000375
10: Conclusion385
Constitutional Status385
Democracy and Policy Making388
Increased State Intervention in Manx Society389