Reinventing the City

BookReinventing the City

Reinventing the City

Liverpool in Comparative Perspective


October 1st, 2003

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‘The City’ has always been a strong focal point for critical social enquiry given its undisputed centrality for human life in the modern era. More recently, there has been a surge of interest in the postmodern city, the most popular subject being Los Angeles and the ‘global city’ – the New Yorks, Londons and Tokyos of the world – cities linked together through flows of finance. This book seeks to redress the balance using Liverpool, a city neither recognised as a ‘global’ or ‘postmodern’, as its focus. Although Liverpool is the central theme of the book, it gives an informed comparative overview of the city in a worldwide context. The introductory chapter sets the scene for the various contributions by re-examining the postmodern global city thesis, surveying various attempts at regenerating cities like Liverpool and critically examining attempts and prospects for transforming the city. The following chapters examine in detail the cultural, social, and economic legacy of the city. Particular emphasis is placed on the people of Liverpool young and old, and how they envisage the city developing.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page3
Notes on the contributors8
Introduction: The City, Globalisation and Social Transformation13
Part I: Regeneration33
1. The Contemporary City: A Critical Perspective35
2. From World City to Pariah City? Liverpool and the Global Economy, 1850-200048
3. Urban Regeneration, Politics and Social Cohesion: The Liverpool Case65
4. Enhancing Spaces of Inclusion? Power, Participation in Governance and the Urban Regeneration Litany92
Part II: Perspectives121
5. Gendered Perspectives123
6. Ethnic Minority Perspectives134
7. Youth Perspectives156
8. Elders’ Perspectives172
Part III: Transformation187
9. Living in the City: Poverty and Social Exclusion189
10. Images of the City203
11. Community Development: Rhetoric or Reality?223
12. Futures for Liverpool239