Shadows of the New Sun

BookShadows of the New Sun

Shadows of the New Sun

Wolfe on Writing/Writers on Wolfe

Liverpool Science Fiction Texts and Studies, 33


May 1st, 2007

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Gene Wolfe is one of the most important American writers to emerge in the latter half of the twentieth century. The fact that he publishes in the field of fantastic literature (which includes horror, science and speculative fiction) has meant that his significance has been largely unacknowledged beyond and, at times, even within the genre. Nevertheless, he remains the author of some of the most stylistically distinct, structurally complex, and intellectually invigorating imaginative fiction of recent years. This collection of interviews and essays places under one cover an amazing selection of difficult-to-find resources for the avid Gene Wolfe reader and scholar. Essays concern the nature of writing, including character, structure and the profession of the writer. Also included are a series of interviews with Wolfe and the holy grail of ‘New Sun’ aficionados: Books in the Book of the New Sun, previously only available in a rare small-press volume. This collection will inspire fans and scholars alike to commit themselves to debating new interpretations of Wolfe’s fiction.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page3
Notes on Contributors9
Part I: The Trackless Meadows of Old Time23
1: Gene Wolfe: An Interview25
2: An Interview with Gene Wolfe38
3: An Interview with Gene Wolfe50
4: Interview: Gene Wolfe ‘The Legerdemain of the Wolfe’58
5: Riding a Bicycle Backwards: An Interview with Gene Wolfe70
6: Gene Wolfe in Conversation80
7: An Interview with Gene Wolfe87
8: On Encompassing the Entire Universe: An Interview with Gene Wolfe93
9: Gene Wolfe Interview115
10: Gene Wolfe Interview146
11: Peter and the Wolfe: Gene Wolfe in Conversation153
12: Suns New, Long, and Short: An Interview with Gene Wolfe181
13: A Magus of Many Suns: An Interview with Gene Wolfe191
14: Some Moments with the Magus: An Interview with Gene Wolfe198
Part II: The Wild Joy of Strumming: A Collection of Gene Wolfe’s Essays205
15: Books in The Book of the New Sun207
16: Wolfe’s Rules: What You Must Do To Be a Writer217
17: Balding, Avuncular Gene’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Creating Memorable Characters218
18: Wolfe’s Irreproducible Truths about Novels220
19: Nor the Summers as Golden: Writing Multivolume Works222
20: What Do They Mean, SF?228
21: The Special Problems of Science Fiction233
22: How to be a Writer’s Family238
23: Libraries on the Superhighway – Rest Stop or Roadkill?242
24: The Handbook of Permissive English252
25: More than Half of You Can’t Read This255
26: Wolfe’s Inalienable Truths About Reviewing257
27: A Fantasist Reads The Bible and Its Critics258