Shifting The Boundaries

BookShifting The Boundaries

Shifting The Boundaries

Transformation of the Languages of Public and Private in the Eighteenth Century


October 1st, 1995





A collection of essays, written by well-known specialists in their fields, which deal with the problematic and ever-shifting boundaries between the public and the private spheres in Western Europe in the eighteenth century. It examines and challenges the notion that there was a clear distinction between the emerging public sphere, which mediated between the State and individuals and provided a forum for Enlightenment debates, and the private, intimate or familial sphere.The essays focus on political, legal, historiographic, literary and gender issues in an attempt to create a more subtle and differentiated view of how men and women established and understood various 'public 'and 'private' domains, and used the languages of public and private actions and sentiments.

DARIO CASTIGLIONE is Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Exeter. LESLEY SHARPE is Senior Lecturer in German, University of Exeter. Lesley Sharpe studied for her MA and Dphil at Oxford. She also spent time as a postdoctoral Hanseatic Fellow at the University of Hamburg. She taught for many years at the University of Exeter and was then appointed to the Chair of German at the University of Bristol. She returned to Exeter in 2003 to a new Chair of German. From 1994 to 2000 she was Germanic Editor of the Modern Language Review. She has served on the Arts and Humanities Research Board research panel for Modern Languages and was a member of the German, Dutch and Scandinavian panel for the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise. She is currently Chair of the national organization Women in German Studies.

List of contributor Dario Castiglione (By (author)) Lesley Sharpe (By (author)) Jonathan Barry (Contributions by) John Brewer (Contributions by) Dario Castiglione (Contributions by) M.C. Cook (Contributions by) Dena Goodman (Contributions by) Vivien Jones (Contributions by) John Christian Laursen (Contributions by) Maria Luisa Pesante (Contributions by) Mark Salber Phillips (Contributions by) Edoardo Tortarolo (Contributions by) Ursula Vogel (Contributions by)

... a stimulating set of interdisciplinary essays concerned to trace the evolution of the private sphere in eighteenth-century Europe.
The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies, Volume 57

This carefully organized and scholarly collection can justifiably claim to have tested out the usefulness of the public/private distinction in a variety of new ways: the result is a thought-provoking read which will contain something of interest to most scholars of the eighteenth century.
Journal of European Studies

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Dario Castiglione is Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Exeter. Lesley Sharpe is Senior Lecturer in German, University of Exeter.

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1. Commercial, Diplomatic and Scientific Travellers
2 Passionate Pilgrims
3. Audubon and Catlin: Artists of the American Wilderness
4. Herman Melville: Redburn
5. Nathaniel Hawthorne, American Consul
6. Social Observers
7. African American Campaigners, Abolition and Evangelism
8. Lecturers and Reformers
9. The American Civil War
10. Overviews of the City and Public Events
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