The British Whaling Trade

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This book provides a comprehensive economic history of the British Whaling Trade, divided into two eras of significant technological difference. The first part concerns the traditional whaling trades that structured the industry for three centuries, from 1604-1914. The second part concerns the modern whaling trade between the years 1904-1963, characterised by technological advance and tremendous international competition. Gordon Jackson approaches the enormous subject of British Whaling from the perspectives of both the national economy of Britain, and the international whaling industry as a whole. The book consults official statistical material to determine the size and performance of various whaling fleets; eye-witness accounts and state papers for the early history of the trade; log books, and trade and customs records for the eighteenth century; and the documents of the Southern Whaling Company, Salvesen, and Unilever for insights into the modern whaling period. The book concludes with appendices containing statistical data concerning whale oil, whale stocks, and the price of goods, two bibliographies of further reading, and a conclusion that free competition and market demand simply exhausted whale stocks beyond any possibility of restoration.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page3
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List of Tables in the Text9
List of Appendices11
New Introduction13
PART ONE: The Traditional Whaling Trades, 1604-191423
Chapter 1: Northern Adventures and the Spitsbergen Trade, c. 1604-167023
Chapter 2: Lost Hopes and Expensive Failures, c. 1670-175045
Chapter 3: The Rise of the Greenland Trade, 1750-178369
Chapter 4: The Boom in the Northern Fishery, 1783-c. 180883
Chapter 5: Expansion South of the Arctic Seas, c. 1776-c. 1808103
Chapter 6: Decline in the North in the Early Nineteenth Century127
Chapter 7: Expansion and Failure of the Southern Fishery, c. 1808-1840141
Chapter 8: The End of the Northern Fishery in the late Nineteenth Century151
PART TWO: The Modern Whaling Trade, 1904-1963163
Chapter 9: New Whaling Techniques163
Chapter 10: New Whaling Areas175
Chapter 11: Advances in Oil Technology183
Chapter 12: Expanding Fleets and the New Fishing Grounds, 1919-1920191
Chapter 13: Crisis and Contraction, 1929-1932207
Chapter 14: Regulated Recklessness, 1932-1939215
Chapter 15: The Final Fling, 1945-1963233
Select Bibliography281
Additional Bibliography287