The Eye Book

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The Eye Book

Eyes and Eye Problems Explained


September 1st, 2000

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The Eye Book is an essential read for anyone who wears glasses, for parents of children with eye problems, for students considering training in orthoptics or optometry, and for health-care professionals looking for an overview of eye health. It is written in a lively readable style and a glossary is provided for technical and medical terms. The structure and function of the eye and the mechanisms of vision are explained in the initial chapters, with explanatory illustrations. Eye problems, eye diseases and their treatment are examined, and the function of different eye-care professionals is explained. Modern medical techniques are also described, including laser treatment, transplantation of cells, and rejuvenation therapy which may give the possibility of restoring diminished sight. The book is illustrated throughout with helpful figures and explanatory illustrations, including 17 colour plates.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page3
1: Eye-I: The structure and function of the eye9
2: Eye see!: The mechanism of vision30
3: Eye care: professionals today53
4: Bad eye: The common eye diseases and their treatments83
5: Who am eye?: Famous people who have had eye problems114
6: Eyes are us: Eyes and the way we live146
7: All-seeing eye: Visual impairment now and in the future175
Further Reading205
Useful addresses208