Twenty-First Century Readings of ‘Tender is the Night’

BookTwenty-First Century Readings of ‘Tender is the Night’

Twenty-First Century Readings of ‘Tender is the Night’


June 1st, 2007

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Bringing together established Fitzgerald scholars from the United Kingdom, Europe and North America, this collection offers eleven new readings of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1934 novel, Tender is the Night. While The Great Gatsby continues to attract more attention than the rest of Fitzgerald’s oeuvre combined, persistent, if infrequent, writings on Tender is the Night from the 1950s onwards indicate that, like Gatsby’s green light, Fitzgerald’s fourth novel continues both to perplex and intrigue. In addition to the inevitable biographical interpretations, the novel has, in myriad readings, been viewed as: a marriage novel, a text of disturbed psychology, a text nostalgically marking the passing of a talent and a time, an outdated “Jazz Age” story, and “the great novel about American history”. This new collection of essays opens criticism of Tender Is the Night to a new generation of scholars providing new ways for readers to appreciate this complex, compelling, and profound work.Contributors include editors of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Review, the general editor of the Cambridge Edition of Writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald, members of the Fitzgerald Society Executive, and the directors of the biennial F. Scott Fitzgerald conference. The book will be published to coincide with the biennial F. Scott Fitzgerald conference in July 2007.

Author Information

Dr William Blazek teaches at Liverpool Hope University College. His research interests includes the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Laura Rattray is a lecturer in American Studies at the University of Hull.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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1: ‘Can’t We Put it in Writing?’: Some Short Precursors to Tender Is the Night24
2: Tender Is the Night, ‘Jazzmania’, and the Ellingson Matricide42
3: Sanatorium Society: The ‘Good’ Place in Tender Is the Night58
4: ‘Some Fault in the Plan’: Fitzgerald’s Critique of Psychiatry in Tender Is the Night75
5: An ‘Unblinding of Eyes’: The Narrative Vision of Tender Is the Night93
6: Si le soleil ne revenait pas: Swiss Clockwork Gone Mad in Tender Is the Night111
7: ‘A Unity Less Conventional But Not Less Serviceable’: A Narratological History of Tender Is the Night129
8: American Riviera: Style and Expatriation in Tender Is the Night151
9: ‘Out Upon the Mongolian Plain’: Fitzgerald’s Racial and Ethnic Cross-Identifying in Tender Is the Night168
10: Gender Anxiety: The Unresolved Dialectic of Fitzgerald’s Writing185
11: Tender Is the Night and the Calculus of Modern War200
12: Reading Fitzgerald Reading Keats212
Notes on Contributors229