The Two-Sided Lake

BookThe Two-Sided Lake

The Two-Sided Lake

Scenarios, storyboards and sets from Liverpool Biennial 2016


July 4th, 2016





Published as part of Liverpool Biennial 2016, The Two-Sided Lake brings together a wide range of contributors to explore the idea of the ‘episode’ in film, literature and computation. The book reflects the on multiple ways that stories can be told, and how thinking differently about space and time can open up new conversations about the past, the present, race, migration, trauma – and exhibition-making. Including texts by Zian Chen (TW), Mark Z Danielewski (US), Denise Ferreira da Silva (BR), Matthew Garrett (US) Xiaolu Guo (CN), Ranjit Hoskote (IN), Joasia Krysa (PL), Lars Bang Larsen (DK), Francesco Manacorda (IT), Andrew Pickering (UK), Denise Riley (UK), Will Slocombe (UK), Juliana Spahr/C.O. Grossman (US) and Jocelyn Penny Small (US) alongside contributions by all of Liverpool Biennial 2016’s artists, The Two-Sided Lake is the essential companion to the UK’s largest contemporary art festival.

Author Information

Rosie Cooper is Head of Programmes at Liverpool Biennial. Sandeep Parmar teaches twentieth-century literature and creative writing at the University of Liverpool. She is the Reviews Editor of The Wolf magazine and edited The Collected Poems of Hope Mirrlees for Carcanet Press (2011). Her critical book on Loy, Reading Mina Loy's Autobiographies, appeared from Bloomsbury in 2013. Dominic Willsdon is an educator and curator. Since 2006, he has been Leanne & George Roberts Curator of Education and Public Programs at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Professor in Curatorial Practice at the California College of the Arts. He is also a curator of the 9th Bienal do Mercosul | Porto Alegre which opened in September 2013.

Table of Contents

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Foreword - Sally Tallant
A Pilot Review of Liverpool Biennial 2016 - Zian Chen
List of Artists
Pilot Episode
Nyau Cinema - Samson Kambalu
Episodic Poetics - Matthew Garrett
The Episodic in Computational Worlds: A conversation with Franciszek Krysa Cox (aged six) - Joasia Krysa
The Fiction of the Episode: A conversation - Mark Z. Danielewski and David Hering
A Tarot Reading for Liverpool - Yin-Ju Chen
Alisa Baremboym
Time Lived, Without its Flow - Denise Riley
Episode 1: There's No Place Like Home
Silence and Commotion: Towards a possible iconology inspired by Furio Jesi - Francesco Manacorda
Betty Woodman
At Swim-two-birds, Flann O'Brien, 1939 - Ana Jotta
Oliver Laric
{Chinatowns} - Xiaolu Guo and Ying Tan
Jumana Manna
The Agony of Analogies - Koenraad Dedobbeleer
Relational Stalinism-The Musical - Michael Portnoy
The Willow Pattern - Marcos Lutyens
All Under Heaven: Fearing and desiring China in twenty-first century Britain - En Liang Khong
Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian
Alisa Baremboym
Telling Tales in Classical Art - Jocelyn Penny Small
Love Letter from the Adelphi Hotel - Tai Shani
The Two-Sided Lake - Lu Pingyuan
Some Stands of Support - Adam Linder
Eight Poems from the Cycle 'Memoirs of the Jonahwhale' (2016) - Ranjit Hoskote
In Search of Better Things - Villa Design Group
Episode 2: Litany for a Computer and Child Unborn
Vessel - Andreas Angelidakis
Portrait of Liverpool Biennial as a Little Girl - Zian Chen
Excerpt from Brasilia: Five Days, Clarice Lispector, 1962 - Ana Jotta
Dream English Kid - Mark Leckey
Sketches of Another Future: Cybernetics in Britain, 1940-2000 - Andrew Pickering
A Narfaneg Story - Stafford Beer
All Systems Flow: Fiction and play on the cybernetic plane of history - Lars Bang Larsen
Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian
HFT the Gardener - Suzanne Treister
The Time Domain - Dennis McNulty
Emissary Forks for You - Ian Cheng
H[gun shot]ow C[gun shot]an I F[gun shot]orget? - Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Elena Narbutaite
Dogsy Ma Bone - Marvin Gaye Chetwynd
The Space/Time Bus - Hato
Lie to Your Doctor - Lucy Beech
Rita McBride
Youth Training Scheme Striek, 1985 (Revisited) - Koki Tanaka
Poets of The Revolution - C.O. Grossman and Juliana Spahr
The Artist Made of Paper - Lu Pingyuan
Alisa Baremboym
(Soma)tic Poetry Rituals and Resulting Poems - CAConrad
Jason Dodge
Episode 3: God Damn You All To Hell
Ana Jotta
To-day 9th July - Mariana Castillo Deball
Excerpt from Observations of Predation in Humans: A lecture by Dr Zira, animal psychologist - Coco Fusco
Alisa Baremboym
The Racial Event or That Which Happens Without Time - Denise Ferreira da Silva
The Truncheon and the Speculum - Sarah Browne and Jesse Jones
Flour Tables - Audrey Cottin
How to Fuel a Stellar Thruster with Dismantled Fear - Fabien Giraud
Alien Staff - Krzysztof Wodiczko
Notes on the Speculation of Future History - Will Slocombe
Lara Favaretto
Van Gogh Ltd - Lu Pingyuan
The Last Planet Parade - Arseny Zhilyaev
Portals - Céline Condorelli
Danielle Freakley