Urban Visions

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Urban Visions

Experiencing and Envisioning the City

Tate Liverpool Critical Forum, 5


March 1st, 2001





The question of what kind of city we are trying to have is an urgent one as the world continues its dramatic urbanisation. Urban Visions presumes that an understanding of our urban experience is a prerequisite for envisioning what the city could be. In assembling work by distinguished authors from different disciplines and countries, Urban Visions offers a patient examination of what urban experience is and of the city’s necessity, with explicit and implicit propositions about what it could be. The book is illustrated in full colour.

Table of Contents

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List of Illustrations
Foreword - Anne MacPhee, Elisa Oliver
Introduction - Steven Spier, editor
1. Reading the City: Between Memory-image and Distorted Topography Ingeborg Bachman’s Essays on Rome (1955) and Berlin (1964) - Sigrid Weigel
2. No Place for a Lady: Women Artists and Urban Prostitution in the Weimar Republic - Marsha Meskimmon
3. Photo Portfolio: Thomas Struth - Anne MacPhee
4. New York City, 1910-35: The Politics and Aesthetics of Two Modernities - Thomas Bender
5. Las Vegas at Middle Age - Paul Davies
6. Wish You Were Here - Malcolm Miles
7. Mess is More - Rovert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown
8. The New Centre: Architecture and Urban Planning in the Capital of the German Democratic Republic - Jörn Düwel
9. The Permanent Side: Wishful Thinking about the City of the Telematic Age - Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani
10. The Map is not the Territory: The Unfinished Journey of the Situationist International - Andrew Hussey
11. Extract from ‘Max Ferber’, in The Emigrants - W. G. Sebald
Bibliography on the Contributors and Seminal Texts
Notes on Contributors