Xenophon and Arrian on Hunting

BookXenophon and Arrian on Hunting

Xenophon and Arrian on Hunting

Aris & Phillips Classical Texts


January 1st, 1999





As hunting generates such fierce debate in Britain today, it seems an appropriate moment to examine the two best classical works on the subject. For both authors hunting was primarily for hares with hounds. Xenophon describes the establishment needed, how to use it in the field and justifies hunting as the first part of education and the best training for war. Arrian's treatise, some five hundred years later, is a commentary on Xenophon's; to bring it up-to-date, as he says. He describes the revolution in hunting that the introduction of gaze-hounds had caused and many charming anecdotes about his hunting experiences and his favourite hound. Both give a vivid picture of the daily life of two wealthy Greeks at leisure which the modern huntsman will find familiar. The Greek texts are given along with an English translation and commentary. Includes a good illustrated introduction.


Author Information

M.M. Willcock was Emeritus Professor of Latin at University College London, and the author of commentaries on Homer’s Iliad (Macmillan, 1978, 1984), Plautus’ Casina (Cambridge, 1976) and Pseudolus (Bristol, 1987), selected Odes of Pindar (Cambridge, 1995), and Cicero: Select Letters: A Companion to the Translation of L.P.Wilkinson (Bristol Classical Press, 1998).