Architecture, Cultural History, Autobiography

BookArchitecture, Cultural History, Autobiography

Architecture, Cultural History, Autobiography

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 2008:06


June 5th, 2008

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Includes articles on architecture, cultural history, the ‘Luxury debate’ in the eighteenth century, Rousseau, and the manuscript of The Life of John Wilkes with commentary and contextualisation.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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List of abbreviations10
I. Architecture12
Les académies et la question des techniques en architecture (de la fin du XVIIe siècle à 1750)14
Wren, architectural research and the history of trades in the early Royal Society20
La Maison de Glace, ou I'architecture comme science expérimentale40
The Royal Academy of Mathematics in Barcelona and the trade-guild tradition crisis (1720-1793)56
L'enseignement des mathématiques dans la première moitié du XVIIIe siècle au sein de l'Académire royale d'architecture68
The Académie royale des sciences and the gardens of Versailles80
II. Cultural history108
Sociabilité and the écoles de dessin110
Détournements d'auteur: les surprises de l'épistolarité dans la Lettre sur le commerce de la librairie de Denis Diderot138
The art of trade and the economics of taste: the English print market in Paris, 1770-1800178
1711: the advent of Homer in French prose - an anatomy of Mme Dacier's ground-breaking translation204
III. Luxury in the eighteenth century: selected papers from the Voltaire Foundation Postgraduate Conference, 2007226
Materialism and morality: Diderot and Sade in light of the luxury debate228
Luxe d'ostentation et luxe de mollesse: la critique rousseauiste des carrosses238
Stroming the castle of indolence: rescuing virtue from luxury in the works of James Thomson and Thomas Blackwell254
The death of Puritanism? Protestant Dissent and the problem of luxury in eighteenth-century England262
IV. Autobiography272
The life of John Wilkes274
V. Rousseau322
An unknown Rousseau autograph: the Neuchâtel manuscript of NOTES, en Musique324