Battle Abbey: The Eastern Range and the Excavations of 1978-80

BookBattle Abbey: The Eastern Range and the Excavations of 1978-80

Battle Abbey: The Eastern Range and the Excavations of 1978-80

Archaeological Reports, 2


February 15th, 2013

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This volume provides an account of the historical and architectural development of this great monastery, and a report on the recent excavations there. The latter saw the complete excavation of the chapter house and reredorter, and established a sequence of development from the hillside of the battle of Hastings, through the Norman abbey and its additions, to the great thirteenth-century rebuilding, continued late medieval activity and the post-dissolution periods of decay and revival. The excavations produced a wide range of finds. These included important sequences of pottery and roof tile; material that throws light on the design, glazing and flooring of the monastic buildings; and an extensive collection of objects of bone, lead, copper alloy, iron and glass. Many of these finds came from a rich Dissolution rubbish dump.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Front cover1
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Title page4
List of Figures6
Chapter I - The abbey and its buildings: an historical introduction10
Chapter II - The Eastern Range and the Excavations of 1978–8016
Plate section48
Chapter III - The Phasing and the Finds: an Introduction63
Chapter IV - The Building Stone66
Chapter V - Architectural Material69
Chapter VI - Ceramic Building Materials79
Chapter VII - Pottery103
Chapter VIII - The Window Glass127
Chapter IX - Vessel Glass139
Chapter X - The Small Finds147
Chapter XI - Coins and Jettons178
Chapter XII - Animal and Plant Remains183
Chapter XIII - Conclusion190
Appendix A: A group of Architectural Fragments in the Outer Court192
Appendix B: Other Recent Work at Battle Abbey195
Fold-out illustrations209
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