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England's Coastal Heritage

A survey for English Heritage and the RCHME

English Heritage


March 15th, 2013

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England's coastal zone contains an important legacy of historic assets, including a complex array of fragile and irreplaceable archaeological remains. These remains are vital for the understanding of Britain's emergence as an island, her developing relationship with the sea, and those maritime influences which contributed to the forging of our identity as a mercantile, industrial and imperial power. This report documents research jointly commissioned by English Heritage and the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England from the Universities of Reading and Southampton during 1994-5. It examines the character of the recorded coastal archaeological resource and identifies future themes for survey and investigation. It also considers the natural and human processes to which coastal archaeological remains are vulnerable, including sea-level change, and make recommendations aimed at achieving their improved management.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Front cover1
Half title2
Title page3
List of illustrations8
List of tables12
Policy statement15
Chapter 1 - The coastal zone21
Chapter 2 - Sea-level change24
Chapter 3 - A conceptual model for the archaeology of the English coastal zone49
Chapter 4 - Environmental archaeology in the coastal zone55
Chapter 5 - Survey and recording in the intertidal zone73
Chapter 6 - The archaeological resource: chronological overview102
Chapter 7 - The archaeological resource: regional review153
Chapter 8 - Managing England’s coastal heritage178
Chapter 9 - Potential and priorities214
Appendix 1 - The use of aerial photographs of the intertidal zone234