Excavations at Mucking: Volume 1

BookExcavations at Mucking: Volume 1

Excavations at Mucking: Volume 1

The site atlas

English Heritage


February 15th, 2013

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This volume is the first in a series which reports on the multi-period site at Mucking, Essex. The excavations lasted for 13 years, from 1965 to 1978, and covered an area of over 18 hectares. This first part of the publication consists of an atlas of the site, together with a short report. The atlas is presented, at a scale of 1:180, on 25 plans which are unphased and include all investigated features; the reader will be able to join the plans and view larger areas and enclosures. The short text which accompanies the atlas consists of a brief history of the excavation and its aftermath, a series of period summaries, and a number of specialist reports which relate to the site as a whole, eg geology and cropmarks. The site atlas plans form an indispensable source of reference for the individual volumes on the various periods represented at Mucking which will follow.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Publisher's Note6
Chapter 1 - Introduction8
Chapter 2 - Background13
Chapter 3 - The excavation18
Chapter 4 - Post-excavation19
Chapter 5 - Summary by period25
Chapter 6 - The Mucking cropmarks30
Chapter 7 - Specialist reports33
Chapter 8 - Radiocarbon dates42
Key to site atlas plans50
Fold-out illustrations51
Fig 451
Fig 552
Fig 653
Fig 754
Fold-out plans55
Plan 155
Plan 256
Plan 357
Plan 458
Plan 559
Plan 660
Plan 761
Plan 862
Plan 963
Plan 1064
Plan 1165
Plan 1266
Plan 1367
Plan 1468
Plan 1569
Plan 1670
Plan 1771
Plan 1872
Plan 1973
Plan 2074
Plan 2175
Plan 2276
Plan 2377
Plan 2478
Plan 2579