Hazleton North

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Hazleton North

The excavation of a Neolithic long cairn of the Cotswold-Severn group

Archaeological Reports, 13


January 15th, 2013

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Hazleton North is an Early Neolithic chambered long cairn of the Cotswold-Severn group, which was selected for total excavation between 1979 and 1982 after survey showed continued damage from ploughing. This trapezoidal long cairn is an example of the laterally-chambered type of tomb with two very similar L-shaped chambered areas near its centre, entered from opposite sides of the monument. Particular attention is given to two aspects which make Hazleton North of outstanding importance for the study of Neolithic chambered cairns in Britain: the details of the cairn construction and the burial remains. The account is supported by a full range of specialist studies, including analysis of the artefacts, human and animal bones, plant and molluscan remains, soils, geology, and numerous radiocarbon samples, and is concluded by a discussion of the results of the excavation and its significance for the study of Cotswold-Severn cairns and the earlier Neolithic of the region.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Chapter 1 - Introduction13
Chapter 2 - The pre-cairn phase25
Chapter 3 - The quarries35
Chapter 4 - Cairn construction44
Chapter 5 - The chambered areas72
Chapter 6 - The burials and other contents of the chambered areas92
Chapter 7 - Cairn use and decay138
Chapter 8 - Hazleton South149
Chapter 9 - The prehistoric pottery153
Chapter 10 - Flint and chert artefacts165
Chapter 11 - Stone, bone, and fired clay188
Chapter 12 - The human skeletal material194
Chapter 13 - The non-human vertebrate remains211
Chapter 14 - Plant and molluscan remains227
Chapter 15 - The soils235
Chapter 16 - Geological aspects of the excavation240
Chapter 17 - Geophysical survey244
Chapter 18 - Radiocarbon dating247
Chapter 19 - Synthesis and discussion252
Chapter 20 - Hazleton North in context265
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