Drawing up a Local Listed Building Consent Order

BookDrawing up a Local Listed Building Consent Order

Drawing up a Local Listed Building Consent Order

Historic England Advice Note 6

Historic England Guidance


November 30th, 2015





The purpose of this Historic England Good Practice Advice note is to provide information to assist local authorities, planning and other consultants, owners, applicants and other interested parties in implementing historic environment policy in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the related guidance given in the National Planning Practice Guide (PPG).

While it supports the implementation of national policy it does not constitute a statement of Government policy itself, nor does it seek to prescribe a single methodology or particular data sources. Alternative approaches may be equally acceptable, provided they are demonstrably compliant with legislation, national policies and objectives.

Table of Contents

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1. What is a Local Listed Building Consent Order (LLBCO)?
2. What can an LLBCO cover?
3. What will an LLBCO look like?
4. Drafting an LLBCO
5. Duration of the order
6. Other preparatory work
7. Consultation and publicity
8. Adoption of the order
9. Revision or revocation of an LLBCO
10. A breach of the order
11. Further sources of information
12. Model Headings