Historic Amusement Parks and Fairground Rides

BookHistoric Amusement Parks and Fairground Rides

Historic Amusement Parks and Fairground Rides

Introductions to Heritage Assets

Historic England Guidance


June 15th, 2015





This short guide provides an introduction to the history and development of buildings associated with historic amusement parks and fairground rides. It is intended to support the listing selection guide on Culture and Entertainment.

Table of Contents

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1. The origin of amusement parks
1.1. Annual fairs
1.2. Pleasure gardens
1.3. Coney Island
2. Blackpool pleasure beach
3. Seaside amusement parks
4. Urban and rural amusement parks
5. Development of large fairground rides
6. The origins and development of rollercoasters
7. Types of early rollercoaster
7.1. Switchback railways
7.2. Side friction rollercoasters and figure-of-eight rollercoasters
7.3. Scenic Railways
7.4. Under- friction rollercoasters
8. Other fairground rides
8.1. Gallopers
8.2. Big Wheels
8.3. Water Chutes
8.4. Swings
8.5. Smaller rides
9. Change and the future