Management of Research Projects in the Historic Environment

BookManagement of Research Projects in the Historic Environment

Management of Research Projects in the Historic Environment

MoRPHE Project Manger's Guide

Historic England Guidance


April 30th, 2015




This guide will help you plan and run an effective project. It is written for those planning research and research and development (R&D) projects in the historic environment.

Research and R&D projects funded by Historic England will be required as a condition of grant or contract to follow this guidance. Specifically this means:

• using in all communications the terminology for project roles, project stages and project documents covered in this guide and associated project planning notes, and as defined in the Glossary
• providing the key documents in the format set out in Appendix 2, with an accompanying document control grid and contact details
• following supplementary guidance for particular project types set out in the accompanying series of Project Planning Notes, and specific guidance for funding applicants.

For others working in the historic environment sector, the guide provides good practice advice based on project management both in the sector and in industries as varied as construction and IT.

Table of Contents

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Statement of Good Practice
1. An Overview of MoRPHE
2. The Project Lifecycle
3. Adapting MoRPHE
Appendix 1: Planning Techniques
Appendix 2: Key Project Documents