Radiocarbon Dates

BookRadiocarbon Dates

Radiocarbon Dates

From samples funded by English Heritage between 1998 and 2003

Historic England


February 15th, 2017





This volume holds a datelist of 1195 radiocarbon determinations carried out between 1998 and 2003 on behalf of the Ancient Monuments Laboratory of English Heritage. It contains supporting information about the samples and the sites producing them, a comprehensive bibliography, and two indexes for reference and analysis. An introduction provides discussion of the character and taphonomy of the dated samples and information about the methods used for the analyses reported and their calibration.

The datelist has been collated from information provided by the submitters of the samples and the dating laboratories. Many of the sites and projects from which dates have been obtained are published, although, when some of these measurements were produced, high-precision calibration was not possible for much of the radiocarbon timescale. At this time, there was also only a limited range of statistical techniques available for the analysis of radiocarbon dates. Methodological developments since these measurements were made may allow revised archaeological interpretations to be constructed on the basis of these dates, and so the purpose of this volume is to provide easy access to the raw scientific and contextual data which may be used in further research.

Author Information

Alex Bayliss is an author and Head of Scientific Dating at Historic England, London.