Understanding the Archaeology of Landscapes

BookUnderstanding the Archaeology of Landscapes

Understanding the Archaeology of Landscapes

A Guide to Good Recording Practice (Second Edition)

Historic England Guidance


October 9th, 2017





This guidance provides practical advice on the recording, analysis and understanding of earthworks and other historic landscape features using non-intrusive archaeological field survey and investigation techniques. It describes and illustrates approaches to archaeological field survey, drawing conventions and Levels of Survey for record creators and users.

The guidance also draws from the experience of Historic England field teams, exploring different aspects of landscape investigation and analysis through a series of case studies.

This revised version of the 2007 edition is one of several pieces of Historic England guidance available from the Historic England website. This guidance builds on those documents and stands alongside Understanding Historic Buildings: a guide to good recording practice.

Author Information

Elaine Jamieson is a Research Assistant at the University of Reading.

Table of Contents

Section TitlePage
• Why record?
• Approaches
• Preparation
• Analytical earthwork survey
• Survey technology
• Photography
• Drawings and reports
• Dissemination
• Recording Levels: a description
• Survey products
• Archaeological drawing conventions
• Case Studies
• References
• Glossary
• Where to get advice