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The Horror Genre

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March 19th, 2008



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This Teacher's Guide offers a clear solution about how the horror film is theorized and taught through a case study approach (using examples of the Dracula film, from Nosferatu to Francis Coppola's version) that would apply the teaching of genre generally. The Guide covers all the key theoretical areas, stressing the importance of an appreciation of the wider historical context of genre to encourage a better understanding of contemporary texts.

Both new and experienced teachers will enjoy the Auteur materials... marvelous resources....

Media Education Journal

The Classroom Resources include tasks, questions and discussion topics, providing a ready-made scheme of work for teaching genre and also features frameworks for such practical activities as designing a video/DVD sleeve and stimulating a TV discussion about 'video nasties'.

Author Information

Kate Domaille is a freelance lecturer and writer in Film and Media Studies.