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February 7th, 2012





The TV crime drama is so familiar, its conventions so widely understood. But as an audience, we clearly love them and most of us remember particular crime dramas that gripped viewers throughout the decades. As with many truly popular genres, it may be dismissed by its critics but a genre which has such power over memory is surely worth a closer look. For new Media Studies students, it is an ideal topic through which to learn the key concepts. This resource has been written in order to help them do just that. The focus throughout is on learning about the genre. Theories have been selected for their accessibility to students at an introductory level There is some introduction to key terms, important theorists and concepts which it is hoped will enhance their appreciation and understanding of their own media consumption. Case studies featured in depth include CSI, Due South and the recent BBC Sherlock.

Author Information

Elspeth Stevenson teaches at Head of Media Studies at Helston Community College in Cornwall, UK.