Studying From Russia with Love

BookStudying From Russia with Love

Studying From Russia with Love

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May 30th, 2008




It is difficult to imagine now the importance of the Bond films of the early 1960s to British cinema. The effects of Bond, both in an industrial and institutional context, are immense. The 'Swinging 60s' was about to explode, and the revolutions in music, fashion, art and photographydemanded a change in the way creative pursuits were both undertaken and, crucially, understood. The world was changing and the Bond films were at the heart of it. In Studying From Russia With Love, Will Rimmer places the second (and best?) Bond film in these contexts, and in relation to spy thrillers of the period and the action/adventure genre subsequently. Covering the key concepts of Film and Media Studies in turn, the author considers the film's representation of women, national identity and class and provides a shot-by-shot textual analysis of the famous fight sequence on the Orient Express. Supplemented by photocopiable classroom sesource sheets with which to explore the issues raised by the film with students, and an appendix of suggested discussion questions, Studying From Russia With Love is the definitive analysis available of this popular film.