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British Horror Cinema Since 1970



July 28th, 2009



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Though they are often critically neglected, British horror films make up a significant and steadily growing body of genre works within a nationally grounded cinema. Deeply rooted within the Gothic tradition, these post-Hammer Studio films place their antagonistic threats within contemporary Britain, allowing werewolves to roam the Moors and isolated islanders to practice Pagan sacrifice, hiding a family of cannibals behind the white tiled walls of the Underground, or unleashing a virulent plague that causes zombies to stumble through middle class suburbia. The juxtaposition between these unreal elements and the vivid Britishness of characters and locations has led to a collaborative body of work that examines the modern fears of contemporary Britain. Accessible to the students, tutors, and the general reader, Beyond Hammer provides new critical readings of classic, contemporary, and lesser known films of the post-Hammer British horror canon. Chronologically ordered, these chapters feature new and engaging readings of The Wicker Man, Death Line, An American Werewolf in London, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Hellraiser, 28 Days Later, The Last Horror Movie, Shaun of the Dead, and The Descent.

Rose holds a strong understanding and passion for films in such a way that he generates legitimate excitement for the horror genre.

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James Rose is an independent scholar specializing in Gothic and horror cinema. He has published with a range of international journals, including Vertigo, Splice, Senses of Cinema, Offscreen, MediaMagazine, and Rue Morgue, and is the author of Beyond Hammer: British Horror Cinema Since 1970.