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Studying Donnie Darko

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March 19th, 2008





A groundbreaking piece of cinema? A cult classic? An over-hyped teen movie? Opinions on Donnie Darko vary greatly. Audiences have reacted to the film in a variety of ways, from puzzled amusement to irritated bemusement. A film that for some, explores the deepest meanings of life and the universe; for others, it is no more than a posturing retro pop video, rich on style but lacking in substance, with a few filmic references that only the most pedantic of cinephiles or sci-fi aficionados would appreciate. In Studying Donnie Darko, Danny Powell demonstrates how this truly unique film can be used to challenge the preconceptions of students, offering them something different yet accessible enough to utilise their existing knowledge. Studying Donnie Darko is explicitly designed to be used at different levels with Film and Media Studies students Section A will be especially useful to younger students of Film and Media, incorporating as it does material on all the Key Concepts. It is worksheet based and designed to involve students in an active interpretation of the film. Section B is specifically designed for more able students looking to examine the text in greater detail, with particular attention to Genre, Narrative, Ideologies, Representation, Intertextuality and Industry debates.

... full of interesting details... and good value... [an] example of how to write in an accessible but authoritative way about movies...

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Danny Powell is a London-based teacher of media and film studies whose books include Studying British Cinema: The 1960s.