Xenophon: Hellenika II.3.11 - IV.2.8

BookXenophon: Hellenika II.3.11 - IV.2.8

Xenophon: Hellenika II.3.11 - IV.2.8

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January 1st, 1995

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"It is the best of Xenophon, it is the worst of Xenophon. Readers looking for a carefully researched, well balanced, and reliable narrative of Greek affairs from 404 to 395 (BC) will be disappointed"- the author. The second part of the Hellenika, covering the decade after the end of the Peloponnesian War, is Xenophon at his best. It unfolds in a series of discrete, often dramatic, episodes: The Thirty at Athens, the campaigns of Thibron and Derkylidas in Asia Minor, the Spartan War against Elis, the accession of King Agesilaos, the conspiracy of Kinadon, the campaigns of Agesilaos in Asia Minor, the outbreak of war against Sparta in Greece, and Agesilaos' recall. It includes several of Xenophon's best speeches, some of his wittiest dialogue, and several choice turns of phrase. This edition follows the pattern of the Hellenika III.3.10 (Warminster 1989). The commentary tries both to interpret the text and to assess its historical accuracy. Throughout Krentz uses the rest of Xenophon's works to throw light on the Hellenika. Greek Text with facing-page translation.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page2
Copyright Page3
Bibliography and Abbreviations18
Text and Translation27
1. Xenophon's Life and Works6
2. The Hellenika9
3. Hellenikα II.3.11-IV.2.813
4. Chronology of Events ίn II.3.11-IV.2.815
5. The Text16
Maps and Plans216
1. The Peiraieus216
2. The New Bouleuterion217
3. The Persian Presence ίn Western Asia Minor218
4. Τriphylia219
5. The Sardis Campaign220
6. Lokris, Phokis and Boiotia221