Thucydides: Pylos 425 BC; Book IV, 2-41

BookThucydides: Pylos 425 BC; Book IV, 2-41

Thucydides: Pylos 425 BC; Book IV, 2-41

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January 1st, 1979

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Book IV 2-41 of the Thucydides: History of the Peloponnesian War concerns the events of the campaign fought at Pylos and the island of Sphacteria between the Athenians and the Spartans in 425 BC. J.B. Wilson's much cited edition includes a Greek text and translation, followed by supplementary tets. The bulk of the volume consists of historical and topographical notes analysing in detail the events of the campaign based on both close textual analysis of Thucydides account, and first hand experience of the geography of the area.

"Those who follow [Wilson] will be neither far from Thucydides nor far from the truth."
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Cover 1
Title Page2
Copyright Page3
Short Bibliography6
Preliminary Notes8
Text and Translation12
Supplementary Texts49
Historical Notes54
I. Pylos55
A. The arrival and the geography56
B. Athenian fortifications63
C. The Athenian plan71
D. Numbers of Demosthenes' men74
E. Ship-movements and time-scheme76
F. The Spartan plan82
G. Numbers and composition of Spartan forces94
H. Thrasymelidas' attack96
I. The vauJlaxia and the truce98
II. Sphacteria106
J. The blockade107
K. Demosthenes and the fire111
L. Numbers ofAthenian ships and troops115
M. Spartan dispositions and Athenian landing-places117
N. The Athenian assault on Sphacteria121
O. The opening battle124
P. The Spartans' last stand128
III. General136
Q. Overall time-scheme137
R. Aftermath140
APPENDIX: The literature and the topography146
MAPS: A Note152
Map A: Greece and the western islands153
Map B: Pylos and Sphacteria155
Map C: Pylos157
Map D: Mt. Elias and surroundings159