The Literary Afterlives of Roger Casement, 1899–2016

BookThe Literary Afterlives of Roger Casement, 1899–2016

The Literary Afterlives of Roger Casement, 1899–2016

Liverpool English Texts and Studies, 84


June 24th, 2020

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This book explores the literary afterlives of one of Ireland’s most enigmatic, shape-shifting and controversial sons, Roger Casement. A seminal human rights activist, a key figure in the struggle for Irish independence, a traitor to British imperialism and an enthusiastic recorder of a sexual life lived in the shadows: through Casement, writers have been able to commune and negotiate with a difficult past. Casement can be found in the most curious of places: from the imperial horrors of Heart of Darkness (1899) to the gay club culture of 1980s London in Alan Hollinghurst’s The Swimming-Pool Library (1998); from George Bernard Shaw’s play Saint Joan (1923) to a love affair between spies in Elizabeth Bowen’s The Heat of the Day (1948); from the post-Easter Rising elegies of Eva Gore-Booth and Alice Milligan to the beguiling, opaque poetry of Medbh McGuckian. Drawing upon a variety of literary and cultural texts, alongside significant archival research, this book establishes dialogues between modernist and contemporary works to argue that Casement’s ghost opens a fault line in our uneasy engagement with the cross-currents between history and memory, reality and fiction. It positions Casement as a vital and fascinating figure in the compromised and contradictory terrain of Anglo-Irish history.

'This is a welcome study, learned, wide-ranging and on a fascinating and timely topic.'
Professor Matthew Campbell, University of York

Author Information

Alison Garden is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast. She was formerly an Irish Research Council Fellow and Leverhulme Postdoctoral Fellow at University College Dublin.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Introduction: Literary afterlives and Casement’s queer ghost11
1. “He could tell you things! Things I’ve tried to forget; things I never did know”: Conrad, Sebald and spectres of imperialism33
2. The Black Diaries: Sex, race and empire in The Dream of the Celt, The Swimming-Pool Library and The Lost World61
3. Queer nationalism and colonial Ireland: Ulysses and At Swim, Two Boys91
4. Saint Casement: The ‘national political trial’, partition and the dramatic troubles of Sir Roger115
5. The traitor and the hero: War, betrayal and espionage139
6. ‘The Ghost of Roger Casement’: War, betrayal and espionage165
Coda: ‘who is to know the fate of his bones’: Remembering Casement in 2016207
Works cited219