Federico García Lorca, Selected Suites

BookFederico García Lorca, Selected Suites

Federico García Lorca, Selected Suites

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May 10th, 2018

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This volume offers a fresh translation of a generous selection of Lorca’s suites, a body of work that Federico García Lorca left largely unpublished upon his death in 1936.  Composed between 1920 to 1923, these poems are closest in spirit and technique to Lorca’s Songs (1927) and his Poem of the Deep Song (1931). In 1926 the poet suggested they could be released together to form a ‘boxed set’, yet this plan, like other earlier efforts, fell through.  Lorca’s suites reveal a poet who is interested in creating a modern style founded on popular oral lyric and fragmented narrative. But they also show a poet who explores his heart and his sexual orientation, and who may have hesitated too long about publication. Lorca achieved the fullest expression of a personal yearning in his long poem In the Garden of the Lunar Grapefruits.  Out of an impossible contradiction between self-discovery and wariness of disclosure rises the blue world of the ideal—a timeless world that all readers of Lorca will want to take into account, inasmuch as it forms a counterpoint to the rest of his work.

'Federico García Lorca, Selected Suites is a valuable contribution to the bibliography on the poet and offers both the specialist and the general reader of poetry the opportunity to access these little-known poems [...] The high quality of these translations stems from Quance's extensive knowledge about Lorca's poems, and the personal, literary, and cultural context in which they were written.'
W. Michael Mudrovic, Anales de la Literatura Española Contemporánea (ALEC)

Author Information

Born in Canandaigua, New York, Roberta Quance was awarded a PhD in Spanish in 1982 from Cornell University. She has written for both scholarly and general audiences in Europe and the United States. She has lectured at the University of Utrecht, the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Queen’s University Belfast and currently resides in Madrid.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Selected Suites40
1 Río azul / Blue River40
2 Noche / Night52
3 Suite de los espejos / Mirror Suite68
4 El jardín de las morenas / The Garden of the Dark-Haired Girls90
5 Caprichos / Capriccios98
6 Momentos de canción / Moments of Song104
7 Palimpsestos / Palimpsests118
8 Canciones bajo la luna / Songs Beneath the Moon126
9 Estampas del mar / Seaside Pictures136
10 Tres estampas del cielo / Three Pictures of the Heavens144
11 Ferias / Fairs152
12 Sombra / Shadow180
13 Cuatro baladas amarillas / Four Yellow Ballads196
14 Remansos / Pools in the Stream206
15 Horas de verano / Summer Hours214
16 El regreso / The Return224
17 Secretos / Secrets238
18 Album blanco / White Album252
19 La selva de los relojes / The Forest of Clocks266
20 Cruz / Cross280
21 Suite del agua / Water Suite286
22 Tres crepúsculos / Three Twilights294
23 Países / Countries300
24 Historietas del viento / Little Stories of the Wind304
25 Ensueños del río / Riverside Reveries312
26 Madrigales / Madrigals318
27 Castillo de fuegos artificiales quemado con motivo del cumpleaños del poeta/ Castle of Fireworks Displayed on the Poet’s Birthday324
28 Surtidores / Water Jets338
29 Herbarios / Herbals346
30 Caracol / Snail354
31 En el bosque de las toronjas de luna / In the Wood of the Lunar Grapefruits364
32 En el jardín de las toronjas de luna / In the Garden of the Lunar Grapefruits384
[Yo] / [I]435
Diurno / Diurnal Diptych439
Noche / Night443
[El campo segado] / [Mown Field]445
Tierra Cielo / Earth Sky445
[Acaba de nacer un niño] / [A Child Has Just Been Born]447
Selected Bibliography472
Index of Titles/First Lines480