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Miscellany / Mélanges

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 314


January 1st, 1993

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Table of Contents
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Exploring narrative structures in Candide8
Introduction: Formal and didactic qualities in Voltairian narrative10
I. How Voltaire constructs chapters14
i. Symmetrical events in chapter 2 and their later recurrence14
ii. Exploring contrasts within chapters: Eldorado; Pangloss and Martin; the cannibals; Pococurante32
iii. The problematic revisions in the Paris chapter56
II. Structure on the large scale80
i. Repetition in the women's stories: violence and sexual exploitation80
ii. From Thunder-ten-tronckh to Candide's farm by way of Eldorado96
iii. The structures of the narrative overall113
Abbreviations and references used in the notes138
The Journal des savants and the dissemination of news of English scientific activity in late seventeenth–century France140
Dramaturge par procuration: Marie-Jeanne Riccoboni et Ie théâtre de son temps174
Mme Madin's role in the 'Correspondence' of the 'Préface-Annexo' and Diderot's La Religieuse190
French fire, English asbestos: Ninon de Lenclos and Elizabeth Griffith200
'Cadgers are ay speaking of Crooksadles': the rediscovered letters of Thomas Reid to Drs Andrew and David Skene214
The Médecin philosophe as drama critic: Pierre Fabre's natural history of French theatre238
Correspondance entre Pascal Paoli et James Boswell (1790-1795): suite et fin256
Spelling reform and the Revolution282